Sentry360’s Success through the Expertise of Tom Carnevale

Tom Carnevale is the Chairman and CEO of his company named Sentry360. This business began as a small one from which only managed and operated in the basement. However, as years passed by, it continuously improved and evolved because of the effort and hard work that Tom exerted. When the company was formed, Tom has been given the chance of achieving his dream, as he became the best manufacturer of the high quality video surveillance cameras. Little by little, Tom is improving the company, making sure that it can produce a product that is able to meet particular standards to be useful to people.


These days, there are many companies manufacturing surveillance cameras, but Sentry360 has been considered the leading developer and manufacturer of the advanced and innovative megapixel surveillance cameras. This is helpful in the commercial and governmental markets. The surveillance cameras that were developed by Sentry360 have HD 2.0-14 megapixel resolutions.

They also have the products especially designed according to the application demands to ensure that the pixel density will be completely optimized, will be gathering facts and information, and producing forensic details so they can accurately answer all the questions on security investigations.

The Sentry360’s first years, Tom Carnevale provides services to some areas on Chicago. But, when the company participated in “Intersect” the services were extended in Istanbul, Dubai, Turkey and some other markets. Due to the expansion, their team has become even more excited and inspired in developing and producing products that could be used all throughout the world effectively. Together with his company, Tom Carnevale has become even much more successful as he provides very high quality surveillance cameras. He received recognition in his field of profession and because of this there are many companies asking him to share his ideas and insights on security systems.

Although there are some manufacturers and brands of the surveillance products, Tom Carnevale’s Sentry360 remained being the lead in the surveillance technology industry. It’s because each product was made in the United States. Furthermore, every product came with outstanding features, which were guaranteed in delivering quality performance. Today, Tom Carnevale and every Sentry360 professional are continuously developing and innovating new technology that will profit not only the surveillance industry, but also all people who will need this surveillance technology for their own purpose. Therefore, Tom Carnevale’s Sentry360 will be the best professional that you can deal with when you are looking for a good surveillance technology manufacturer.

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