Life of Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon is the former Managing Director of the ruder Finn. He was in charge of the very huge area of the Washington D.C office and performed as the Top lobbyist and Public Affairs Officer. As a renowned person, one of his successful outcomes was to secure top media interviews for customers/clients with some of the wide-range media outlets together with The New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post.

Neil Dhillon career started in the year 1998 wherein he was the Chief of Staff to Congressman Bob Matsui. He performed as the Congressman’s top adviser and trusted counselor. His roles and obligations include the managing of large budget and office fundraising and straightforward legislative agenda. The reelection campaign that he ran together with the Congressman demonstrated a double-digit triumph. Having his 5 years as the Chief of Staff, his aid increased over $10 million in finance and funds to support the Congressman.

The foundation stone of Dhillon’s career was in the year 1993 when he spent his time at the Capitol Hill where he was selected as the U.S Department of Transportation’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Government Affairs. The former president Bill Clinton was the one who appointed him. He worked as the chief government affairs executive and contact to Federico Pena by supplying senior counsel over the entire congressional legislations, policies and initiatives. Supporting in the passing and writing of the first Airline Safety Commission in the Congress was one of the huge achievements of Neil.

Neil Dhillon

Recognition to the strong commitment and enthusiasm of Neil, the former President immediately recognized his work ethic and efforts. He was the best among the rest and he was mentioned as the “top Asian American appointee” during the ceremony at the White House. Currently, Neil Dhillon is the Senior Vice President, Global Public Affairs & Strategic Communications.

Dhillon is renowned for his problem-solving skills especially in his capability in solving complex regulatory and legislative issues. He has also a wide-experience regarding with the health issues, financial services, education, environment, energy and international trade problems. Gaining the 6 years as a Senior Vice President at the Hill & Knowlton International Public Relations, he administer a large staff ad intended for daily outreach to Congress, to Federal and State Government organizations as well as the White house staff. Some of his clients are American Airlines, Hewlett-Packard, and the Internet giant eBay, British Midway Airways, Johnson & Johnson and many more large firms.

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