Group Retiree Solutions of Benistar


The group retiree solutions that Benistar have is a group of retiree plans that can help a person pay for the costs that are known but are not covered by the Medicare Parts A and B. The feature of these plans includes the following:

No Network

Benistar’s plans are to provide an access to all those provides of Medicare in the nation that is why retirees are having their own freedom on choosing doctors that they want to have. The coverage of this program is not just limited to a particular area.

No Referrals

Benistar is not providing any referral that is why, they can see the specialists that they choose to have.

Guaranteed Issue

Benistar is not providing an exclusion of a pre-existing condition.

Spouses Coverage

The coverage for spouse can be available when the partner is over the age of 65 and has been enrolled in the Medicare Parts A and B.


The coverage that Benistar company have can go to those retires if they are going to move or they are going to have a multiple residences.


Since the plans that Benistar Company are the best, they make it affordable by providing fully-insured and competitive rates in order to limit the risk of financial shortage.

Electronic Claims

The electronic claims that Benistar have are being process through the crossover process of the Medicare by making use of a form which they call as the virtually no retiree claim.

BenistarIn terms of the administration and consulting that Benistar have, they are providing effective cost and creative benefit solutions for retirees to meet expectations of individual sponsors of the plan that they have. The professionals that they have in the benefit consulting are very much focused on the prescription drug and retiree medical plans. They are working with along with their clients and sponsors in order to analyze the retiree programs that are existing today as well as to identify the best thing to do in order to improve more the program.

The administrative team that Benistar Group have are the one that handles the implementation as well as the ongoing administration in order to make the programs that they have simple for their broker partners, for their plan sponsors as well as for their valuable clients. Because of the good intention that Benistar Group provides to their valuable clients, they are striving more to continue their legacy.

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